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Sonoma State University

Beginning Jazz Improvisation

Class Syllabus Fall 2011

Course: Jazz Improvisation 1 (Mus 189) 2 units

Class #: 2084 Section #001

Location: GMC 1029
Meeting Days and Times: T, Th 1-1:50

Instructor: Pete Estabrook

Contact information: 664-2134 (2) (email address is omitted here in order to avoid spam-please consult the university website for the email address)

Office Hours: By appointment on T or Th (before or after class) in GMC 2062

Final Exam: Thursday, December 16th from 2-3:50

Course Prerequisite: consent of the instructor; fundamental music terminology; fundamental music reading and notation; fundamental understanding of intervals, major scales, and key signatures; fundamental instrumental technique-the ability to play all 12 major scales non-stop at a medium tempo

Course Description: an exploration of the techniques of melodic composition and improvisation based on the scales and chords commonly used in jazz

Course Objectives: upon completion of this course, students will be able to identify (visually and aurally), analyze and improvise (on their chosen musical instrument or voice) over basic chord progressions utilized in tunes that are common in the jazz idiom.

Required Materials:

Suggested Supplementary Materials:

Course Expectations:

Primary Grading Considerations:
Primary grading for the homework, quizzes, final exam and micro-teaching is based on the points system 100-90%=A, 89-80%=B, 79-70%=C, 69-60%=D, 59-0%=F

Micro-teaching Specifics

Secondary Grading Considerations:

A- exceptional work beyond what is required; work of considerable quantity and quality; complete memorization and assimilation of scales, chords, melodies, and forms; knows where he/she (and everyone else) is at all times while improvising or accompanying; beyond technical considerations; dwelling in the artistic realm; excellent and earnest attitude toward instructor and fellow students; perfect attendance; one missed class during the semester is allowable due to illness;

B- work completed as required with a gracious and supportive attitude; required material is completed with good quality; knows where he/she is a considerable portion of the time; perhaps not perfect mastery or memorization, but shows excellent efforts; puts in more than last minute time on assigned tasks; near perfect attendance; perhaps late a few times; missing no more than 2 classes due to illness;

C- work completed, but not within the time frame specified by the instructor; has the necessary abilities, but does not demonstrate full potential; frequently lost within the form; unable to use the appropriate chord/scale at the appropriate time; last minute efforts are the norm; some attitude difficulties or conflicts exist; unprepared a few times; possibly late to several class meetings or missing several classes completely; lost or missing parts at 2 classes; missing no more than 3 classes for appropriate reasons;

D- tries, but is barely able to accomplish minimum requirements; attendance and attitude difficulties exist; nearly always lost; unable to apply chord/scale knowledge in tempo; unable to keep up with the pace of the class in general; missing parts more than twice; lost parts more than twice; late more often than on time; missing 4 classes for any reason; repeatedly unprepared; holding up class progress as whole; disruptive or disrespectful attitude demonstrated; talking or playing while the instructor is delivering lecture; playing at inappropriate volume levels;

F- almost no work is accomplished; excessive attendance and attitude problems exist; this grade jeopardizes the student's ability to repeat the course in future semesters.

Class Schedule
The instructor reserves the right to alter this schedule verbally during class: (please ask if there are any questions about the schedule or quizzes)

Daily Activities

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