Randy Brecker

Randy Brecker's

Practice Routine

Randy is a Student of:



A. Fundamentals (30-45 min.)

1. Warm-up
a. Carmine Caruso-6 note exercise
b. Long Tones (expanding outward)
2. Lip Flexibility's
a. Caruso 2 8ve arpeggio slurs
b. Caruso Intervals (3rds, 4ths, 5ths, 6ths, 7ths)
3. Technical Exercises
a. Clarke
b. Arban

B. Improvisation

1. Developing/Writing Down Lines
a. Practice with a metronome (within a tonality-or not)

2. Aebersold

On Practicing:

"I try to stick to the same routine, although I vary it a little, just to keep it interesting."

on the day of a gig:

"I try to take it out during the day so I'm halfway warmed-up when I get to the gig."