Blue Mitchell


As A Leader:

A Blue Time, Blue Mitchell, Milestone, M-47055

African Violet, Blue Mitchell, ABC Recrods, AS-9328

Blue Mitchell, Mainstream, MRL-315

Blue Soul, Blue Mitchell, Riverside, RLP-1155

Blue's Moods, Blue Mitchell, Riverside, RLP-336

Bring It Home To Me, Blue Mitchell, Blue Note, BST-844228

Collision in Black, Blue Mitchell, Blue Note, BST-84300

Freedom Jazz Dance, Blue Mitchell, Mainstream, MRL 388

Funktion Junction, Blue Mitchell, RCA, APL-1-1493

Graffiti Blues, Blue Mitchell, Mainstream, MRL-392

Heads Up, Blue Mitchell, Blue Note, BST-84272

Last Tango Blues, Blue Mitchell, Mainstream, MRL-400

Last Dance, Jazz America mktg, JAM-5002

New Horn Blues, Riverside, RLP-294

Stablemates, Blue Mitchell, Best of the West, DSP-5007

Step Lightly, Blue Mitchell, Blue Note, LT-1082

Summer Soft, Blue Mitchell, Impulse, ISA-9347

Vital Blue, Blue Mitchell, Mainstream, MRL-343

Big Six, Blue Mitchell, Original Jazz Classics, OJC 615, 7/58

Out Of The Blue, Blue Mitchell, Original Jazz Classics, OJC, 667, 1/59

Blue Sound, Blue Mitchell, Original Jazz Classics, OJC, 765, 59

Smooth As The Wind, Blue Mitchell, original Jazz Classics, OJC, 871, 12/60, 3/61

A Sure Thing, Blue Mitchell, Original Jazz Classics, OJC 837, 3/62

The Cup Bearers, Blue Mitchell, Original Jazz classics, OJC 797, 61

Down With It, Blue Mitchell, Blue Note, CDP 7243 8 54327 2 9, 7/65

The Thing To Do, Blue Mitchell, Blue Note, CDP 7 84178 2, 7/64

As A Sideman:

Portrait of Cannonball, Cannonball Adderley, Original Jazz Classics, OJC 361, 7/58

Jam With Blue Mitchell, Louie Bellson, Original Jazz Classics, OJC 802, 9/78

The Best Of Louie Bellson, Pablo, 2405-407

Explosion, Louie Bellson, Pablo, 2310-755

Louie Bellson's Seven, Concord Jazz, CJ-25

Prime Time, Louie Bellson, Concord Jazz, CJ-64

Rain Check, Louie Bellson, Concord Jazz, CJ-73

Hello Rev, Bill Berry, Concord, CCD 4057, 8/76

Live, Bill Berry, Beez, BZ-1

Beat, Roy Brooks, Jazz Workshop, LP 220

Silver Blue, Dexter Gordon/Al Cohn, Xanadu-137

True Blue, Dexter Gordon/Al Cohn, Xanadu-136

California Hard, Dolo Coker, Xanadu-142

Dolo, Dolo Coker, Xanadu-139

Brown's Bag, Ray Brown, Concord, CCD 6019, 12/75

Juggernaut, Frank Capp, Concord, CCD 4040, 79

The Little Giant, Johnny Griffin, Original Jazz Classics, OJC 136, 8/59

Blues Groove, Richard Holmes, Prestige, PRCD-24133-2

Homecomming, Elmo Hope, Original Jazz Classics, OJC 1810, 6/61

Showcase, Philly Joe Jones, Original Jazz Classics, OJC 484, 11/59

Cedar Walton Plays Cedar Walton, Original Jazz Classics, OJC 6002, 7/67, 5/68, 1/69

The Bessie Smith Songbook, Dinah Washington, Emarcy 826663-2, 7/58

The Rise And Fall Of The Third Stream/Money In The Pocket, Joe Zawinul, Rhino, R2 71675,4/66, 10-12/67

The Riverside Collection, Sam Jones, Original Jazz Classics, OJC 6008, 3/60-6/62

Mapanzi, Harold Land, Concord, 4044, 77

The Blue Yusef Lateef, Atlantic, 82270, 4/68

The Organization, Big John Patton, Blue Note 830728-2, 63-70

Takin' Care Of Business, Charlie Rouse, Original Jazz Classics, OJC 491, 5/60

Horace-Scope, Horace Silver, Blue Note, B21Y-84042-2, 7/60

Doin' the Thing, Horace Silver, Blue Note, BST-84067

Blowin' the Blues Away, Horace Silver, Blue Note, BLP-4017

Silver Serenade, Horace Silver, Blue Note, BST84131

Sterling Silver, Horace Silver, Blue Note, BN-LA945-H

The Toyoko Blues, Horace Silver, Blue Note, BST-84110

Plain Talk, Jimmy Smith, Applause, APBL-2303

Chasin' the Bird, Supersax, Pausa, PR-7038

Open House, Jimmy Smith, Blue Note, CDP 784269-2, 3/60

The Best Of Stanley Turrentine-The Blue Note Years, Blue Note, CDP 793201, 60-84

Junior's Cookin', Junior Cook, Jazzland, 958

Midnight Creeper, Lou Donaldson, Applause Records, APBL-2309

Mr. Shing-a-Ling, Lou Donaldson, Blue Note, BST-84271

Say It Loud, Lou Donaldson, Blue Note, BST-84299

Night Blooming Jazzmen, Leonard Feather, Mainstream, MRL-348

P.J., Paul Jeffrey, Mainstream, MRL-406

Advance, Philly Joe Jones, Galixy Records, GXY-5122

Drum Song, Philly Joe Jones, Galixy Records, GXY-5153

Drums Around The World, Phillly Joe Jones, Riverside, RLP-1147

Changes and Things, Sam Jones, Xanadu-150

Something in Common, Sam Jones, Muse, MR-5149

Soul Society, Sam Jones, Riverside, SMJ-6079

Charlie, Richie Kamuca, Concord, CJ-96

Rakin' and Scrapin' Harold Mabern, Prestige, PR 7624

Movin On, John Mayall, Polydor, PD-5036

Ltd. in New York, Les McCann, Pacific Jazz, CJ-44

Capuchin Swing, Jackie McLean, Blue Note, , BST-84038

Jackie's Bag, Jackie McLean, Blue Note, BST-84051

Hi Voltage, Hank Mobley, Blue Note, BST-84273

Organ-izing, Mel Rhyne, Jazzland, JLP916

A Chip Off the Old Block, Stanley Turentine, Blue Note, BST-84150

In Memory of..., Stanley Turentine, Blue Note, LT-1037

Rough and Tumble, Stanley Turentine, Blue Note, BLP-84240

The Spoiler, Stanley Turrentine, Blue Note, BST-84256

Money in the Pocket, Joe Zawinul, Atlantic, At 13004

A Trumpet Tribute, Collections, Trip, TLX-5036